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  • In a world full of complicated uncalculated risks, are you safe? You never know until you need to deal with the risk.

  • Are you concerned about your safety, your family security, how would you know?

  • With the financial crises still glooming, is it too late to protect your business, your income? How would you maintain your family way of living without having to worry about crisis in the financial capitals of the world?

  • All this is possible when you have the right insurance cover that would not be costly, yet protect you from having this nightmare of losing security whether financial security & safety or even legal security.

  • Getting the right advice is not easy, but its not hard, let us guide you on how you can protect yourself, your family & your business & your financial security to have peace of mind at your heart & a smile on your face when you see your loved ones always secure & happy.

  • Knowledge, experience, professional ethics, credibility, excellent ties with insurance companies all that would guarantee good advice which would lead to your security.

Motor Insurance
Whether you are an experienced driver or a beginner.
Medical Insurance
Keeping healthy is increasingly important in people's everyday lives
Consultation Services
An advice from an expert is always a good advice
Employee Benefits
The Return on Investment - What's in it for you - the business owner?
Engineering Insurance
Through our experienced professionals who are specialized in this field for more than 20 years
General Accident
All concerns that we are able to secure and make you rest assure.
Fire & Property Insurance
Residential, commercial and industrial risks
Financial Lines
With growing sophistication of commercial enterprises
Marine & Aviation Insurance
Never underestimate the power of nature
Casualty Insurance
Every Employer should be insured against all legible expenses of work related injuries and sicknesses to his employees.
Takaful Products (اءعقلها وتوكل)
Financial methods compatible with Islamic sharia
Liability insurance
Every business or profession needs public liability cover that is tailored to its specific risks.
* We accept Credit Cards payments.
Takaful Products

Takaful is an Arabic word which means (co-operating, assisting or sharing each other) and the prevailing middle east market trends indicates preference of Takaful by Customers. Most of the Takaful Companies are included in our panel of Insurers to serve the customers according to their choice.


Providing maximum protection to the clients is our mission. Insurance Policies are legal documents. Clients are our business partners. We are committed to facilitate them with judicious advice, superb service and technical support for their business activity. Our team will conduct comprehensive assessment of the risk exposure and determine the adequate insurance needs and assure that they are covered with reliable insurers at an economical price.


As part of our extended services, Al Quds Insurance Brokers provides full assistance in processing claim for our clients.